Clarry Medal Top Five @ 16 September

1 Herman Putter 384

2 Joe Quang 377

3 Paul Radnell 376

4 Barry Hartz 371

Eq 5 Stewart Hughes / Bob Jelfs / Serguei Sokolov 368

New Golf Rules

Click here for a very good video explaining the main 20 rule changes for this year

Next game is at Nambour on 23rd September 2019.
NB:  Tee Off is at 8:00 am so please be registered by 7:30 am.
The Eagles Nest contains 12 balls.


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Mt Coolum Wins The 2019 Battle OF The Rock 


It wasn't a walkover like last year, but Mt Coolum successfully defended the Battle of The Rock, with a 15 point win over Maroochy RIver.

We took a 114 point lead to Maroochy River after the first round. Our Captain and President led from the rear, with a combined score of 59 points compared to their Maroochy River counterparts score of 70.

Luckily the troops stood up, led by Greg O'Regan with 39 points, and Kevin Fraser and Serguei Sokolov on 38.

Maroochy River's second round score of 772  was 99 more than our score of 673, but was insufficient to close the 114 point gap, and we ran out overall winners 1447 to 1432.

Pictured are President Darryl and Mick Ludeke receiving the Battle of the Rock Trophy from Maroochy River Captain Barney Major. 

Mt Coolum Wins The Eichman Shield from Redcliffe


The Eichman Shield is contested between Mt Coolum and Redcliffe Vets. Following the strong showing from Mt Coolum on 12 August, (score 785 to 676) the Shield is now ours. Pictured above is Redcliffe Captain Chris Francis presenting the shield to our Captain Philip Doolan.

Geoff and Nigel Join The 200 Club



 Geoff Brown and Nigel Moody are #15 and #16 in the 200 Club. Congratulations.

The Eagles Nest Is Emptied Again


Congratulations to Geoff Turner for his eagle on the 17th hole at todays home game ( 15 July). It was a bit soon after the last one, and he only wins 18 balls , here presented to him by Vic Edwards.

Bert Joins The  200 Club


Congratulations to Bert Penman, #14 member of the 200 Club.

2019 2 Ball Stableford Aggregate Championship


Congratulations to Mick Ludeke and Peter Wolfenden, the  2019 winners of the 2 Ball Stableford Aggregate Championship. Their score of 84 gave them a comfortable margin over last years runners up Joe Quang and Alan Westacott, who again came in second, with Paul Radnell and Mick Newby third, and last years winners Kevin Fraser and Philip Robertson fourth. 

Prizewinners and scores are as follows

Mick Ludeke and Peter Woldenden   84  $100 each
Joe Quang and Alan Westacott        79  $50 each
Paul Radnell and Mick Newby          75  $30 each
Kevin Fraser and Philip Robertson    75   $30 each

Joe Quang and  Dain Stone share the Clarry Medal 2018




Placings Name 10 Best Scores
T1 Joe Quang 399
T1 Dain Stone 399
3 John Hunter 394
4 John Cloonan 391
T5 Jim McRae 385
T5 Paul Norman 385

Click here for full results

Dave Cush wins 2018 Vets Championship



Winner 158 Dave Cush $100
Runner Up 159 Barry Bowditch $60
3rd 160 KR Smith $20
A GRADE NET Net Score Name
Winner 136 John Flutter $60
Runner Up 139 Bruce Pratten $40
3rd 139 Dain Stone $20
B GRADE NET Net Score Name
(17 - 22)
Winner 133 Don Dalgleish $60
Runner Up 134 Philip Doolan $40
3rd 138 Terry Whimp $20
C GRADE NET Net Score Name
Winner 134 Paul Crane $60
Runner Up 136 Mick Newby $40
3rd 137 Arthur Rose $20

New 200 Club Members


Two more players joined the 200 Club on 29 October. Congratulations to #12 Dain Stone and #13 Warren Cockram. 

Barry Bowditch Wins District Championship At Caloundra


Congratulations to all our players who took part in the District Champs. Our member Barry Bowditch is the new District Champion, winning with a great gross score of 75. Daylight ran second. Great work also from Doug Shand runner up in A Grade nett, and George White runner up in C Grade. Barry and George also won NTP’s along with Joe Quang. 

 Mt Coolum Wins Inaugural Battle of the Rock.


Despite their home ground advantage in Round 2 of the Battle of the Rock, Maroochy River were unable to claw back the massive lead established  by Mt Coolum in round one.

Ably led by great scores by Richard Churchman (41) and Mick Ludeke(38), Mt Coolum scored 652, trailing Maroochy River's 683 by 31. The margin was never going to overhaul our 151 point lead from round 1 (MtC 800 to MR 649) and the final combined score was Mt Coolum 1452 to Maroochy River 1332.

Pictured are Mick Ludeke and Darryl Crank receiving the trophy from the Maroochy River captain Val Bukmanis.

Well done to all players, we look forward to defending the trophy in 2019.

Results for the two rounds can be viewed here.

President v Captain 2018


Things started well for the Captain, with a superior sledging campaign. He was then well supported by his rank and file. With the top 18 scores counted, the Captain led 668 to 665. With the Captains choice of Alan Westacott scoring 27, and the Presidents choice Dave Cush scoring 33, the lead was reversed - President 698, Captain 695. Still anyone's victory. So it really came down to President v Captain. And it was the captain who failed to put his money where his mouth had been - President 36 v Captain 30.  

Congratulations to President Darryl and his team - a run timed to perfection.


Inaugural 2 Ball Stableford Aggregate Championship


Congratulations to Philip Robertson and Kevin Fraser, the   inaugural winners of the 2 Ball Stableford Aggregate Championship. They won in impressive style, with a score of 90, and a four point margin over runners up Joe Quang and Alan Westacott.

Prizewinners and scores are as follows

Kevin Fraser and Philip Robertson    90    $100 each
Joe Quang and Alan Westacott       86    $50 each
David Cush and Dain Stone             78     $30 each
John Flutter and Paul Norman          75    $20 each


200 Club 2017


All but Charlie Somers